Hi, I’m Alyssa Goulet

I started freelancing while earning my college degree. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of businesses boost traffic, gain authority and get more leads. Originally, my plan was to go into a traditional marketing role. However, I decided to make this my career after I had my light bulb moment. Read more...

Does your business need:

Clear web copy?

Blog posts that your audience will engage with?

Sales emails or newsletters that inspire your leads to take action?

I can help.

I’ll provide more than words on a screen. I’ll work with you to give your brand a voice and provide value to your buyers.

Do you want to see examples of what I’ve done for my clients? Visit my portfolio.

Get to know me:

First writing job: Blog posts for an electronic music blog.

College: Berklee College of Music – BPS in Music Business.

Favorite food: Tacos. Always tacos.

Specialties: Technology & marketing.

Other things I love: My dog, tea & watching Shark Tank.

Why I’m the writer for you: I’m both educated and experienced in the industries I write about. I choose to write in these areas because I’m genuinely interested in them. This makes me better able to meet your company’s needs. I also spend time each day learning about how I can improve my skills. Lastly, it’s easy to get in touch with me. I work during regular business hours.


Alyssa Goulet - Tech + Marketing Writer | Phone: (413) 284-2032 | Email: hello@copyoncue.comClick here to email me